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Cardinal Insulated Outlet Covers (Ivory or White) ... If you're serious about improving your comfort zone, try this simple project. In almost any home - old or new, tiny amounts of outdoor air are constantly leaking-in through the electrical outlets. What may seem like an insignificant "whisper" of air can easily add up (per plug) to cost you lots of money and comfort, year round.

A simple upgrade such as replacing leaky outlet covers with these insulated Cardinal outlet covers will make your building's energy usage lower and your indoor air temperatures more constant. Over the long-term, the benefits are enormous.

Available in white or ivory color.
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How It Works
These insulated electrical outlet covers utilize an automatic sealing mechanism to prevent small drafts -- and protect small fingers. Because the mechanism is spring-loaded, receptacle holes will automatically spring-shut whenever left unused.

  • All parts included
  • For 3-prong outlets only
  • All you need is a screwdriver
  • Takes about 2 minutes per cover
  • Face plate made of rigid plastic

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  • Outlet  & LightSwitch Insulation
    Outlet & LightSwitch Insulation

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